The Wines of Sovereign Estate

Combining American and European Traditions

At Sovereign Estate, we use a variety of hybrid and Vinifera grapes grown in our own vineyard, in vineyards around Minnesota, and in vineyards in other cold-climate regions around the country. We produce wine ranging from completely dry to very sweet, from very fruity to rich and oaky, and hope to have a wine well suited to your personal preference.

2013 Releases

Includes the first release of our own estate grown grapes

2013 Wine at Sovereign Estate

La Crescent 2012 - SOLD OUT - The first bottling of our estate-grown grapes, La Crescent is a lightly sweet white wine possessing fruity aromas of pineapple and apricot with a crisp finish. 16 cases produced

Blue Loon 2012 - A semi-sweet wine produced using Traminette grapes, this floral wine has a delightful aroma of roses and apple blossom with flavors of lychee on the palete. 415 cases produced

Marquette 2012 - SOLD OUT - The first bottling of our estate-grown grapes, Marquette is a rich, dry red with with deep aromas and flavors of black cherry and currant, blended with a touch of Syrah for depth. 96 cases produced

Talon Crest Rubique - A blend of traditional red wine varieties, including Syrah and Pinot Noir, this smokey red has a medium body and a dry finish. 295 cases produced

Patina Gris 2011 - Produced with Minnesota grown Frontenac Gris grapes, this late-harvest style wine is sweet and crisp with aromas of apple and peach. 215 cases produced

2012 Releases

Transitioning the Winery

2013 Wine at Sovereign Estate

Seyval Blanc 2011 - A French-American hybrid that is the grandparent of the La Crescent grape. With crisp apricot and apple aromas, this wine has a bright finish. A dry white wine, pairs with roasted poultry and hard, medium sharp cheeses.500 cases produced

Blue Loon 2011 - SOLD OUT - This off-dry white wine is noted for its aroma of rose petals and spice with flavors of citrus peel on the palate. Made from the Traminette grape, a hybrid of Gewurztraminer, pairs with seafood and aromatic Mediterranian. 190 cases produced

2011 Releases

Our first year of wine production

2013 Wine at Sovereign Estate

Traminette 2010 - SOLD OUT - A crisp and citrusy wine with essences of apple blossom and rose. Made from the Traminette grape possessing a close resemblance to Old worlds Gewurztraminer. 200 cases produced

Talon Crest 2010 - A semi-sweet and luscious white wine with apricot and green apple notes that finishes with an orange zest. This wine pairs excellent with savory Thai and Asian cuisines. Made from Seyval Blanc. 610 cases produced

Tenuta di Sovrano 2010 - A dry Italian styled Sangiovese that is a medium bodied with plum undertones and spicy clove and cedar overtones and a balanced acidity for an excellent dinner wine. Pair with traditional Italian cuisines. 550 cases produced

Cabernet Franc 2010 - A full bodied dry wine in the classic French style. This wine has a complex flavor that suggests black pepper, currant, and cocoa. Perfect for aging, this wine will reach its full potential after 3-5 years. 315 cases produced

St. Therese Rose 2010 - SOLD OUT - Made 100% Minnesota Frontenac grapes, this rosé is a fragrant with wild strawberry and creamy vanillas. 145 cases produced