These wines are currently available in at the winery

Seyval Blanc
2011 Seyval Blanc
dry fruity white

A French-American hybrid that is the grandparent of the La Crescent grape. With crisp apricot and apple aromas, this wine has a bright finish. A dry white wine, pairs with roasted poultry and hard, sharp cheeses.

La Crescent
2013 La Crescent
rich fruit, off-dry, expressive & crisp

We are proud to offer this delightfully crisp white wine, produced using our estate grown grapes. Aromas of grapefruit, peach, and pineapple combine with a slightly sweet and tart finish for wine that pairs well with a variety of foods including savory cheeses, seafood, Asian, and desserts.

Blue Loon
2012 Blue Loon
off-dry, floral, aromatic

This off-dry white wine is noted for its aroma of rose petals and spice with flavors of citrus peel on the palate. Made from the Traminette grape, a hybrid of Gewurztraminer, pairs with seafood and aromatic Mediterranean.

Talon Crest
2013 Talon Crest
semi-sweet, rich apricot, full body

This semi-sweet white wine, produced with Seyval Blanc grapes, has an expressive fruit character of apricot with a light touch of violet, a medium body, and crisp finish. It is perfect for pairing with roast poultry, light seafood, soft savory cheeses, and fruits, or enjoy it by itself on a relaxing evening.

2013 Marquette
dry, rich, and fruit expressive red

Our signature dry red wine, this 2013 Marquette is produced using our own estate grown grapes, blended with just a touch of Syrah for depth, and aged on French and American oak. Medium Bodied with rich aromas of cherry and blueberry, this is a great wine to pair with roasted red meats, spicy sweet barbecue, and dark chocolate.

Cabernet Franc
2013 Cabernet Franc
dry, full bodied, and aromatic red

Produced in our winery using hand harvested fruit from Washington State, this Cabernet Franc is blended with Syrah in the style of southern France, with a complex aroma of cracked black pepper, cocoa, and cedar. Pairs best with roasted red meats and grilled vegetables, as well as tomato sauces and wild game.

Frontenac Dry Rose
2013 Frontenac Dry Rosé
dry crisp berry and cherry

This dry rosé is produced with Minnesota grown Frontenac grapes, with crisp and refreshing finish.

St Therese
2013 St. Therese Rosé
sweet crisp strawberry and vanilla

This sweet rosé is produced with 100% Minnesota grown Frontenac grapes, with a light aroma of strawberry and cherry, sweet and full bodied, with a tart finish that pairs excellently with chocolates and decadent desserts.